Receipe 8 – Trout meets Vietnam

the best ingredients

Receipe 8 was inspired by Hannah Fowles-Pazdro, visiting for the weekend and an expert in Vietnamese cuisine.  With a combination of fresh roots and spices from Morrison’s (amazing that you can get fresh turmeric in Dumfries) and herbs from the garden we set to work – Hannah on the chopping board and Shara at the fish sink.

immaculate chopping

Delicious fresh ingredients immaculately chopped by Head Chef Hannah Fowles-Pazdro.
(Fresh turmeric, ginger, chili, lemon grass, spring onion and celery, plus lemon thyme and curry plant from the garden.)


While Shara organised the star of the show, our fresh whole rainbow trout.


After a brief flash-fry to soften the spices Mr Rainbow was stuffed with love and tenderness and steamed in a fish kettle in the aga.

deliciously fresh

And the result was perfection.  Served with rice noodles and roasted cashews to complete the sensation.


Marks out of 10:

10/10 for enjoyment of preparation.
10/10 for taste – this is a delicious fresh and healthy meal.
6/10 for ease of preparation, though if we’d capitulated to the electric chopper that would be 8/10.


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