Recipe 9 – Trout and Ginger Salad

healthy and delicious

This is a deliciously clean and easy to prepare starter, the perfect balance to a richer main course. It is also so versatile that it works with all types of trout – hot or cold smoked, or unsmoked cooked fillet.

If like me you keep capers in the cupboard, ginger in the freezer and always have salad in the fridge then its perfect for when you’d forgotten you were meant to be cooking dinner.

Ran Morgan enjoying trout


For the salad:
Hot smoked trout or cold smoked trout or pre-cooked trout fillet
Strong tasting salad leaves such as rocket
Yellow or red peppers or both
Fresh coriander
Thinly sliced ginger

For the dressing:
Lime juice
Grated ginger
Sesame oil
Soy sauce
White wine vinegar or rice vinegar

One useful tip, use scissors to cut the trout into bitesize pieces.

tip to cut the trout

Then just add the trout and chopped pepper to the salad, add the dressing, toss the whole salad and add cracked black pepper and a sprinkling of coriander as a garnish.

red and yellow peppers with trout

Use both red and yellow peppers for maximum effect.

trout and ginger salad

Delicious and exceptionally healthy.

Marks out of ten:

10/10 for ease of preparation.
10/10 for taste.
10/10 for healthy nutritional food that you can eat as much as you like of without feeling guilty.


2 Responses to “Recipe 9 – Trout and Ginger Salad”

  1. Rachel G says:

    Had this for supper tonight as a main with buttery boiled potatoes – delicious! Shara, you haven’t suggested quantities, probably because you are an instinctive cook! For the rest of us, here are some quantities that worked for me, and would serve 4 as a main course: Trout – 1x200g pack, salad leaves – 2x70g pack, red pepper – 1, yellow pepper – 1, coriander – 25 g, ginger – a 2cm cube, capers – 2 – 2 tbs, lime juice – from 1/2 a lime, grated ginger – a 2 cm cube, sesame oil – 3 dessert spoons, soy sauce – 1 tsp, vinegar – 1 or 2 dsp.

  2. admin says:

    So thrilled that you tried and enjoyed this and thank you so much for providing quantities, I am waiting to launch my new website at the beginning of Feb before I add real recipes with proper instructions and quantities rather than the stream of consciousness that is my blog, so watch this space, I’m busy writing content as we speak.

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