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Recipe 5 = Rainbow trout fillets fried with tomatoes and capers

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Rainbow trout fillets fried with tomatoes and capers

A la Jamie Oliver I hear you say and yes, you are quite right, this recipe was absolutely inspired by Jamie Oliver’s delicious looking rainbow trout fillets fried with fresh cherry tomatoes and capers on his happy kitchen-boat last summer.

Only problem was, we couldn’t find the recipe – so if anyone has it to hand then please send it through to us and we will post it up here.  But all was not lost, Olly dug deep into his memory and between us we produced delicious fillets served with fragrant cardammon rice and fresh green rocket.

First we marinaded the fillets  in olive oil, chopped chili & coriander, capers, lemon juice, salt, pepper and a spoonful of the caper vinegar.
Having paid close attention to Jamie’s demo we fried the fillets skin side down as this creates a protective membrane between the pan and meat and prevents any burning.  We watched with glee as the deep orange of the fillets turned to a light pink indicating that they were cooked, and then happily devoured our trout with the rice, rocket and a glass of white.

Rainbow trout fillets fried with tomatoes and capers

I am delighted to report another success, the capers, chillies and coriander are fantastic trout companions.