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Receipe 10 – Trout Pot

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Recipe 10 isn’t sourced from a cook book, from the Internet or even suggested by a friend.  It is my attempt to solve fresh, healthy, tasty and fulfilling food on the go.

Is it possible to take Moffat Water Foods’ hot smoked trout, add natural yogurt, fresh parsley, capers and lime juice and pop it all in a sealed pot ready for eating on the move?

trout in a pot

Recipe 10 was my answer to that question, and the answer is of course yes, and yes, and yes.

fresh parsley is keyfresh limes are key

And my long suffering taster collaborator general enthuser confirmed his agreement.

olly says yes

The observant amongst you may notice that the photograph of ingredients includes sweet chili sauce. Having successfully cracked the clean flavour of the natural yogurt with capers, parsley and lime I tried a second experiment with yogurt and sweet chili sauce – this time adding a hint of paprika to cut across the sweetness of the sweet chili.

I thought it was delicious but Olly preferred the first version. To put both to the test I shall be running taster sessions at Moffat Producers Markets on 10th November – hope to see any locals there.

Meanwhile, the usual scoring out of ten:

Ease of Preparation:

9/10 – could not be easier


7/10 – good, but more of a snack than a luxury