Recipe 19 – Smoked Trout, Bacon and Broccoli Rice Bowl

This is Trout Blog’s answer to kedgeree, only with fewer ingredients, less fuss and the most deliciously different smoked trout only available from Moffat Water Foods.

Smoked Trout, Bacon and Broccoli Rice Bowl

All you will need is a generous amount of smoked trout, bacon, broccoli, rice and eggs, plus spring onion and fresh coriander as a welcome but not essential garnish. You will also require the staples of olive oil, soy sauce, sesame oil, dried chili flakes and black pepper, all of which you will hopefully have in your seasoning cupboard.

First prepare a rice of your choice. We used jasmine for this first attempt but I will be trying the same recipe wtih short grain brown rice next time for a crunchier (and healthier) alternative.

rice of your choice

While the rice is cooking you can fry your bacon in a frying pan (draining any excess fat if necessary, we were lucky enough to be using bacon from our own free-range and very lean pork but appreciate not everyone has this to hand) and once it is crispy push it to one side of the pan. Add olive oil to the frying pan and only when it is piping hot add your broccoli making sure that the broccoli florets sizzle as they hit the pan.


sear your broccoli

Next add your smoked trout for a quick sear on each side. We chose to use hot smoked trout but any of our range of smoked trout (cold smoked, hot smoked and smoke roasted) would be equally delicious in this recipe.


Add your now cooked and drained rice to the frying pan, add soy sauce, sesame oil and mix well.

Transfer to pre-heated bowls or plates (ideally wide shallow bowls as you will be adding a fried egg) and add your garnish of chopped spring onion and coriander.


spring onion and coriander garnish

Finally fry your eggs in the same frying pan (always keen to minimise unnecessary washing up).

fried eggs

Gently transfer your eggs onto the top of the trout, bacon and broccoli mixture and serve.

the final piece

Possible Recipe Improvement

Try keeping back your chopped coriander garnish and adding after you have placed the fried egg as this may make for better presentation. I will leave this subtle but important choice up to the individual.

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