Recipes 3 & 4 – in one meal!

Starter - Cold Smoked Rainbow Trout Risotto

With Martin & Launa’s enthusiasm proving infectious we decided to take on not just one but two rainbow trout courses on Saturday night, aided and abetted by some dutch courage following an afternoon of rugby watching / Scots sorrow drowning.

Starter – Cold Smoked Rainbow Trout Risotto

Recipes 3 & 4 - in one meal!

This was, honestly truly, the best risotto that any of us had ever tasted.  It was breathtaking in its deliciousness, the smokey flavour of the cold smoked rainbow trout proving a wonderful bed-fellow to the richness of the risotto and Parmesan.
Recipes 3 & 4 - in one meal!
Mm hhh mm the best.

Main Course – Hot Smoked Rainbow Trout with Pak Choi, Sesame Seeds and Garlic & Ginger

Recipes 3 & 4 - in one meal!

Delicious in its own right and a wonderfully light and refreshing follower to the indulgence of the risotto.  Amazing how different flavours lend themselves to the hot smoked versus the cold smoked, whoever thought of adding sesame seeds to hot smoked is a genius, not least because the pale pink looks so pretty against the delicate sesame seeds.

It was also the first time any of us had cooked Pak Choi and what a find, so easy to cook (you literally just throw it in with the rest of the ingredients, no need to par boil or steam) and so so delicious.

And this time even the pigs lucked out with delicious vegetable trimmings.
Recipes 3 & 4 - in one meal!

Photographs courtesy of Martin and Launa Slatter and their amazing new camera.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Liking the empty plates photo! Trout risotto on the menu for tonight – thank you for the inspiration.

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