And so it begins… Rainbows Glorious Rainbows

And so it begins… Rainbows Glorious Rainbows

Rainbow trout, hatched and reared on our home farm, prepared, cooked and enjoyed through 52 different recipes, in 52 weeks. What could be a more perfect coming together of two worlds?
Tonight it all began with Recipe Number 1, selected by Papa John Dorman, aided and abetted by the Mad Madre and guzzled down by all of us, even Olly who after 32 years of being a trout farmer’s son and now trout farming himself has taken on the challenge to not only endure but also enjoy each and every one of the 52 rainbow trout recipes.

Over the next 52 weeks we will be posting the highs and lows, triumphs and disasters of cooking rainbow trout using various and varied recipes from the UK and around the world.  We will be uploading the original recipes to and the details of how we fared, including any doctoring (intended or otherwise) to

Win a Free Packet of Smoked Rainbow Trout

With 52 recipe slots to fill we will be looking for inspiration from any and every-where so, if you have any ideas or thoughts about cooking rainbow trout, please share them with us by posting a comment here on Trout Blog or emailing us at

We promise that if we use your recipe we will send you a packet of hot or cold smoked rainbow trout, depending on which you prefer.  Not sure of the difference?  See for photographs and descriptions of the different techniques.

4 Responses to “And so it begins… Rainbows Glorious Rainbows”

  1. David B says:

    Congratulations on a such a brilliant idea! A healthy, nutritious and high in omega 3 version of the film Julie and Julia… Be sure to keep us posted on your recipe triumphs and send your recommendations over to – don’t forget to look up our recipes page if you need any inspiration!

  2. Brodies says:

    52 recipes in 52 weeks, bring it on! I suppose you could have a guest feature to help with the recipes! Good Luck!1 🙂

  3. Sarah Clark says:

    Following this with interest. Loving the family photos, and the meals look delicious. Going to get my family to eat a bit more trout!

  4. Gary C says:

    Hi Shara,
    This is the first time I have accessed your blog site – Well done in motivating the trout industry – My wife and I love trout in all forms and we will certainly be trying some of the “scrummy” recipes you have provided.
    I have already tried some of your smoked trout and have already ordered more – when will we be able to get bacon?

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