Recipe 11 – Fragrant Prawns on a Bed of Trout

Recipe 11 owes its origins to a delicious prawn and avocado starter that friends Ed and Tiffany gave us a couple of weeks ago and that has now been shamefully – but successfully – hacked to fit the Troutblog bill, namely replacing the avocado with a bed of smoked trout.

fragrant prawn on a bed of smoked trout

Incredibly easy to put together it consists of cold water prawns (harvested from British waters) in a sauce of finely chopped ginger, chili, garlic and coriander mixed with a splash of fish sauce, roasted sesame oil (one of my favourite ingredients) and the juice of a lime or two.

sesame oil lime juice and smoked trout

The wonderful thing about Recipe 11 is that it is so easy to keep the ingredients in the freezer, particularily the ginger, fresh coriander and chili all of which have saved me countless times as last minute essentials in unplanned meals.

This means you can progress from disorganised chaos to delicious gastro-adventure  in only 10 mins, an essential trick to have up your sleeve for when you’ve forgotten about your hard-working husband needing to be fed after a day’s fish farming.

smoked trout easy to prepare easy to prepare prawns and smoked trout smoked trout keeping Olly happy

Its important to keep aside some of the coriander (or parsley if you don’t have any fresh coriander to hand) as a garnish and don’t forget to throw in an extra lime wedge to serve. 


Marks out of 10:

Ease of Preparation: 10/10
Taste and Deliciousness: 10/10
Healthy and Nutritious: 10/10

Could this be the winning recipe so far? Only 39 more to go, watch this space…

smoked trout with coriander garnish


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