Recipe 6 – worth the wait

Sunshine at last, the second of two meals we’ve managed to eat outside since moving north of the border – smoked trout, brocoli and parmesan fritatta.

trout fritatta outside

A hard working crewe enjoying a well deserved lunch after pig moving and hay baling.

trout and brocoli fritatta

Hot smoked trout, broccoli and parmesan frittata (essentially an open omelette) cooked in a wok as I didn’t have a frying pan big enough to feed the hungry pig moving team.

Start off with the same principles as a large omelette (so x2 eggs per person, a splash of milk, salt, pepper & mixed herbs mixed well with a fork or hand whisk then added to a non-stick frying pan which already has a conservative amount of butter pre-melted and spread evenly throughout the base) and as soon as the omelette starts taking shape, throw in your hot smoked trout, par-boiled or steamed broccoli and, if wanting to make it a bit more substantial, some pre-cooked potatoes.

Add the grated parmesan last and pop a lid or plate over the top to help it melt, then once you are happy that the underside has started to brown up divide up into wedges and serve with a fresh green salad, ideally with some stronger tasting leaves such as rocket to cut across the richness of the egg and trout.  We didn’t quite have enough Selcoth lettuce or broccoli for it be entirely home-sourced, but the eggs were from our own girls and the trout of course from our own ponds.

Ease of preparation: 8/10
Taste & enjoyment: 9/10

It was quick and easy to make and the verdict from the team was delicious – this is definitely one I’ll be revisiting.


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